Science Education

At Orkin, we’re passionate about the science of bugs. That’s why our entomologists and pest control experts worked together to create fun, interactive resources to help children become as passionate about science as we are.

Orkin Man School Visits

Exposure to insects and other living creatures can be a great way to spark students’ interest in science. Your local Orkin Man is available to visit your school and share his scientific knowledge with your students.

Orkin Man Lesson Plans

Help students develop a more comprehensive understanding of insects using the creative activities. Encourage students to research, observe and demonstrate their understanding of insects through arts and crafts.

Activities & Coloring

Feed your curiosity for bugs with games and activities. Download and color cool pictures, learn how to draw bugs and play games. Our Games and Activities pages encourage kids to imagine bugs in new ways with mazes and coloring pages.

Educator Resources

O. Orkin Insect Zoo

Orkin Pest Control is proud to support the O. Orkin Insect Zoo as part of our commitment to public education programs. Located inside the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museem of Natural History, the O.Orkin Insect Zoo will change the way you view insects and their relatives.

Promethean Planet

Orkin is proud to partner with Promethean Planet, an online resource created for teachers, by teachers. It’s free to join and filled with activities and lessons for children of all ages.


At Orkin, our knowledge goes beyond just pest control. Orkin Man Lab Notes gives you an inside look into the things we find most interesting while keeping you up to date with the fascinating world of bugs.